SIFFY Volunteers

SIFFY is a labor of love.  We do this because we want to make Skopelos a better place.  It is funded by many people from the US and abroad.  Luckily there are many people that are willing to dedicate their time and money to SIFFY.  We want to thank all of these people plus others that have not been named for their efforts. SIFFY would not be possible without them.

Daphne Jaeggi-Xliverou – Co-Director

Soula Patsi-Korenti – Director of SIFFY Jr.

David Bruce

Gloria Carr

Suzanna Chrissofos

Ninetta Cosma

Kostas Kalafatis

Serefeim Kontaxis

Ellen Petruzzella

Kerri Ramantani

Franzesca Reese

Haley Walmuth

The Cultural Organization of Skopelos


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