2019 Volunteers

SIFFY is a labor of love.  We do this because we want to make Skopelos a better place.  It is funded by many people from the US and abroad.  Luckily there are many people that are willing to dedicate their time and money to SIFFY.  We want to thank all of these people plus others that have not been named for their efforts. SIFFY would not be possible without them.

Jill Somer – Director

Konstantinos Maptakas – Head of Educational Portion and Assistant Director

Soula Patsi-Korenti – Director of SIFFY Jr. and Food Services

Serafeim Kontaxis – Travel and Sponsors


SIFFY 2019 Volunteers:

Alexandra Savva, Greece

Anna Karra, Greece

Anne-Guurt Jaeggi, Holland

Athena Papafilippopoulou, Greeece

Christos Chrissofos, Greece

Dimitra Derri, Greece

Despina Remoundou, Greece

Eddie Burgess, England

Eleni Basmatzi, Greece

Eleni Chrissofou, Greece

Evi Mantoukou, Greece

Frode Andersen, Norway

Hannah Burke, Australia

Gloria Carr, USA

Heather Parsons, England

Jacob Somer, USA

Joan Hodges, USA

Joyce Wilkins, USA

Kate Berry, England

Katerina Panayotidi, Greece

Katerina Rekka, Greece

Katerina Tsarpala, Greece

Kerri Ramantani, Greece

Konstantinos Kapazanos, Greece

Konstantinos Mpatakas, Greece

Lefteris Gkolia, Greece

Leidy Perez Olmo, Cuba

Lia Vogiatzi, Greece

Margot McManus, USA

Mary Almond, USA

Maria Rodiou, Greece

Maria Savva, Greece

Marie Burgess, England

Matteo Frinking, Holland

Marina Ioannidou, Greece

Maxi Ambelakia, Greece

Maxi Savva, Greece

Michael McManus, USA

Nana Kobro, Norway

Nikolas Chapman, Australia

Ninetta Kosma, Greece

Nishka Lahiri, India

Peter Broadley, England

Popi Charalampidou, Greece

Richie Pomerantz, USA

Scott Somer, USA

Soula Gkika-Klonari, Greece

Stefanos Oikonomou, Greece

Suzanna Chrissofou, Greece

Tammy Tsouri, USA

Tassos Atmahgitis, Greece

Themistoklis Gkassios, Greece

Vaggeli Korenti, Greece

Vasso Paraponiari, Greece

Warren Cahil, Australia

Yiannis Fouskarinis, Greece

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