2019 Filmmakers

This is the amazing lineup of filmmakers that will participate in 2019. People come from all over the world to support us. The filmmakers pay for their own flights and donate an incredible amount of their time to the children; we are forever grateful:

Adrian Almazan SpainFilmmaker

Bruno Grizzo, BrazilAnimation – SIFFY Jr.

Hilary Benjumea Lopez ColombiaFilmmaker

Jeily P. Olmo CubaFilmmaker

Koji Yamamoto, Japan/USA – Filmmaker

Larilyn Sanchez, USAFilmmaker

Leah Michaels, USAFilmmaker

Luca Acito, Italy – Filmmaker

Matt Savitsky , USA Filmmaker

Michalis Melanadrakis, GreeceFilmmaker

Sagar Gahatraj, NepalFilmmaker

Sean O’Hara, USA – Filmmaker

Sebastian Diaz, Mexico/USAFilmmaker

Sharbani Das Gupta, IndiaAnimation – SIFFY Jr.

Simona Prives, USA  – Animation – SIFFY Jr.



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