This is the amazing lineup of filmmakers that will participate in 2017. These people will come from throughout the world to support us. The filmmakers pay for their own flights to participate in the festival and donate an incredible amount of their time to the children; we are forever grateful:

Maria Juliana Byck  – SIFFY Documentary – USA
Nicolas Juge Pampanos – France
Pauline Arkesteijn – Holland
Sharbani Das Gupta – India
Luca Acito – Italy
Marianna Trofimova  – Russia
Jihong PARK, and Professor of Film Department, Dankook University – S. Korea
Merve Ayparlar  – Turkey
Erick Boustead – USA
Morgan Gruer – Animation- USA
Brendan Hall – USA
Leah Michaels – USA
Nadia Mohamed – USA
Sean O’Hara – USA
Larilyn Sanchez – USA
Simona Prives – Animation – USA

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