SIFFY 2009 Films

In 2009, Wangtae Lim, Professor of the Film and Art Department of Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts proposed to have a youth film festival that would be hosted by The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts.  The idea was that students from Skopelos would participate from start to finish on a short film from 3 to 5 minutes and then it would be screened at the Orpheus Cinema in downtown Skopelos.  There were three teams of 20 students from the Skopelos high school and 2 students from America that happened to be vacationing in Skopelos.  Each team had to come up with a scenario, script, film and direct the short and help edit it with the help of the three directors; Wangtae Lim representing South Korea, Kalman Czibolya, Director of Zoom to Europe Film Workshop representing Hungary and Nikos Theodosiou, Director of Camera Zizanio representing Greece.  The festival was so rewarding for all that were involved.

Here are the videos from the festival:

Emma and the History Exam – Directed by Wangtae Lim, South Korea

Let’s Go to the Beach! – Directed by Kalman Czibolya, Hungary

Internet Villa – Directed by Nikos Theodosiou, Greece

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