2012 Films

After SIFFY 2009, it was very difficult to find the support to get the festival back off the ground until support was found in 2012 through a collaboration between the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, the Tourist Committee and Municipality of Skopelos, the Volunteer Group of Skopelos and our first official sponsor, Hellenic Seaways.  The Greek crisis was in full swing so the town came together to support the project in a very big way.  The teachers from the middle school spoke to the children and gathered lists of students that were interested, the volunteers gathered a list of people from Skopelos to cook every day for the invited directors and guests, the volunteers also assisted at Orpheus Cinema every evening when a different film was screened and even played music on the closing evening.  Eleven people from four different countries were invited to SIFFY 2012; Wangtae Lim and Taedon Oh, Professors from Dong-Ah Institute of Media and the Arts and four students all from S. Korea, Kalman Czibolya and Adri Bodor from Zoom to Asia and Europe in Hungary, Alexandra Fedina from the Schupkin Theatrical School and Ekaterina Puvlochenyko, Music Composer from Russia and Sittisak Chanyawut from Rajabat University in Thailand.  We had an overwhelming turnout with forty students from Skopelos and four students from S. Korea participating for a total of forty four students.  The closing ceremony was beyond most people’s expectations with about two hundred people there for the screening of the movies.  All in all it was an extremely successful event; especially considering the adversities everyone faced due to the crisis.  At least one of the films will be submitted to several youth festivals throughout the world to not only give the students additional opportunities to visit other festivals but also to give the world a positive view of Greece.

winner laurels kidz


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